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    • Our building scrolling announcements now ONLINE!  Click Here and select the Title with the date you want. 

    • Ms. Freeman and Ms. Allmyer would like to invite you to check out the Prom Committee’s first fundraiser. Yankee Candle makes great gifts for holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. With fall and winter just around the corner, you can get in the holiday spirit by purchasing some festive scents for your home! Please help support our students and their efforts in raising money for the Prom.  - If you would like to purchase directly from our students: Our sale runs from September 19 – October 6. Our juniors will have catalogs and order forms available for you. You may also see Ms. Freeman or Ms. Allmyer If you would like to purchase online: You may purchase online until December 31st. Please visit Our group number is 990061093 Thank you for helping the Prom Committee reach their financial goals!

    • Are you a parent, community member or  buiness owner?  Would you like to share your career with high school students?  If so our Career Day is Thursday October 23rd. We host 3 different time slots at 8am, 9am, and 10am. You can do one, two or all three as each would have different students each time. New this year we will do a career inventory survey as well as teach interviewing skills with the Juniors & Seniors in the afternoon. If you are able to stay and work with them that would be great. To recap - you can sign up for just morning, just afternoon, or any combination in between. You can sign up at Career Day Sign Up

    • CNE Tech Club will be hosting a Zombie 5K Run Nov 8th to raise money for intersession.  Click HERE for more info and to sign up. You can see Mr. Taktak, Mr. Williams, or Mrs. Hoeppner for more info as well.  This is open to the public and not just the CNE community.

    • CNE Rocket spirit wear is available in the high school office. Currently, sweatshirts, flannel bottoms, long sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts and lanyards are available. For more information, contact Mrs. Poe ,513.625.1211ext.110


    2104 YEARBOOK will be here sometime in Oct.  Will update as soon as we know.  There will be a limited number of extras for sale. 

    2015 YEARBOOK -  is with a new company that has some great new features

    • Follows a more social media concept to yearbooking. 
    • Saves you money! ONLY $36 dollars!!
    • Allows students to create 2 pages of their own for just their yearbook.
    • Allows students to upload photos and send a message with them to another student to put in their book. 

    What you have to do:

    These are OPTIONAL but provided free to students

    • Want to add photos, memories etc to personal pages ( Add memories )
    • Now you need to add personal pages ( Personal Pages ) - remember yourpersonal pages are only added to your book, not everyones. 


    • Senior Pictures DUE by Feburary 2nd.  It is best to have your photograph electronically sent to  You also need a vertical picture. 
    • Senior Ads  - you can still purchase a senior ad that would be in all of the yearbooks (not just a students personal page).  The options this year are 1/4 a page for $50.  You can supply up to 4 pictures and a paragraph. Or you can do 1/8 of a page with 2 pictures and a couple sentences for $30.  Otherwise you could use your students 2 free personal pages to do your own senior ad as a part of it- but again it will only be in your students book.   Bottom Line - In all books for all students to see either $50 or $30, OR in just your childs book you make it for free. 

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  • What's Going On?

    • Joy Allmyer - English Teacher

      9th Grade English - We just wrapped up our unit on "Romeo and Juliet." While the Shakespearean language was challenging for the students, they really enjoyed their first Shakespeare experience. Many of them even wrote alternate endings to the play. The English department is in the process of scheduling a visit from Cincinnati Shakespeare Company so that our students can witness a live performance of the play. I think they will really enjoy it!

    • Megan Yeager - Math Teacher

      Advanced Math is introducing Calculus concepts like limits and derivatives. Algebra is just getting ready to start analyzing linear equations - that sounds fun doesn't it! Applied Math is working on building a scale model for a new high school so we are rady when the state of Ohio gives us the money. Geometry is finishing up triangles and going to start proofs and transformations.

    • Darine Rees - French Teacher

      We had so much fun in the french 1 classes learning numbers from 0-69. It has always been a challenge to remember the spelling of all the new vocabulary and to remember what all these new words mean but conversation plays in class, white board memory practice and games in the halls are always an excellent way to practice and get more motivated to be up to the challenge of learning a foreign language. We are now building teams to study together and compete to sharpen the difficult skills. Students are using team spirit to motivate each other to review learn and perform better on evaluations.

      With french 2, we are searching the history of our calendar and the meaning of the months and days and we are expanding to explore all the other different calendars that exist in the world. Mayan Chinese, Muslin, Hebrew... students are able to describe their schedules, and read the time and express their opinion about teachers and classes. We did write a spirit chant for the high school and we are in the process to arrange music for it with the collaboration of the chorus teacher. Also, we are exploring the French education system and we are comparing it to the American one.

      French 3 independent students are learning how to shop in Senegal, they learned how to understand the french sizes for clothing and shoes, they are having hard time understanding how to bargain to buy anything in Senegal even food. They are about to design a Boubou the traditional costume in Senegal and they will describe it. They are also mastering the past tense and they will be writing a story here soon.

    • Ms. Latham - English 10 Teacher

      CP English 10 students have been reading William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. We have been working through each act piece by piece to explore each scene in great detail. After reading a scene, we pause reading to answer a series of questions that allow us to make Shakespeare's language more modern. Student's have been doing a great job explaining what is going on in in each scene. We conclude each act by completing an “Act Packet” that is taken up as a grade. The “Act Packet” includes the study guides for each scene, an act review guide, and vocabulary. We are currently completing Act 5, and are hoping to watch pieces of the play following completion of our reading. This will allow students to get a visual for the action taking place. Students will be able to draw connections from the readings to the scenes that they were watching. This will bring the first quarter of CP English 10 to a close. Next quarter we will be exploring a non-fiction selection along with various informational texts.