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    • Our building scrolling announcements now ONLINE!  Click Here and select the Title with the date you want. 

    • Parent/ Teacher conferences are Wed Sept 24th.  There will be many different things going on besides conference..... class ring booth, Zombie Run booth, Yearbook booth, performances by our band and choir, college information meeting, and much more! You won't want to miss it!!

    • CNE Tech Club will be hosting a Zombie 5K Run Nov 8th to raise money for intersession.  Click HERE for more info and to sign up. You can see Mr. Taktak, Mr. Williams, or Mrs. Hoeppner for more info as well.  This is open to the public and not just the CNE community.

    • CNE Rocket spirit wear is available in the high school office. Currently, sweatshirts, flannel bottoms, long sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts and lanyards are available. For more information, contact Mrs. Poe ,513.625.1211ext.110


    2104 YEARBOOK will be here sometime in Oct.  Will update as soon as we know.  There will be a limited number of extras for sale. 

    2015 YEARBOOK -  is with a new company that has some great new features

    • Follows a more social media concept to yearbooking. 
    • Saves you money! ONLY $36 dollars!!
    • Allows students to create 2 pages of their own for just their yearbook.
    • Allows students to upload photos and send a message with them to another student to put in their book. 

    What you have to do:

    These are OPTIONAL but provided free to students

    • Want to add photos, memories etc to personal pages ( Add memories )
    • Now you need to add personal pages ( Personal Pages ) - remember yourpersonal pages are only added to your book, not everyones. 


    • Senior Pictures DUE by Feburary 2nd.  It is best to have your photograph electronically sent to  You also need a vertical picture. 
    • Senior Ads  - you can still purchase a senior ad that would be in all of the yearbooks (not just a students personal page).  The options this year are 1/4 a page for $50.  You can supply up to 4 pictures and a paragraph. Or you can do 1/8 of a page with 2 pictures and a couple sentences for $30.  Otherwise you could use your students 2 free personal pages to do your own senior ad as a part of it- but again it will only be in your students book.   Bottom Line - In all books for all students to see either $50 or $30, OR in just your childs book you make it for free. 

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  • What's Going On?

    • Miss Schmidbauer – Resource English 9-12

      In Miss Schmidbauer's Resource English class, we are beginning the year by learning the major elements of literature and story telling. We will be able to track plot development and characterization, analyze the setting and mood of a story, understand an author's purpose and a determine a narrator's point of view, as well as have a deep understanding of a story's major theme. Next month, my students will be getting creative and using all of their story-telling knowledge to write their own spooky ghost stories! MUAHAHAHA!

    • Dave Jelley - Agricultural Sciences

      We are learning about soils, (rural and urban) in my Ag Science classes to start out the school year. Next week, we will be taking the classes outside to the soil pits, to study the soils. We will be looking at slope, erosion, texture, depth of soils, and drainage of the soil. Also we will at land capability, land use, and recommended conservation practices.

    • Missy Hardy - Math Teacher

      In the math wing, we are already making some small changes that we hope will help our students on this spring's PARCC tests. The PARCC math tests have sections on which students cannot use calculators, so we are challenging our students to solve some problems each day by hand. This should help students relearn old skills as well as develop some confidence in those skills. The sections that allow calculators give students an online TI-84+ graphing calculator, so we are encouraging our students to use this type of calculator when one is necessary so that they are familiar with the functionality. I am pleased with the effort my students are giving on both of these initiatives.

    • Michael Ricco - Social Studies Teacher

      This week our CP Psychology students read about 10 famous psychology experiments and debated the ethical implications of each of them. In addition to that assignment the A.P. Psychology students have been creating a graphic time-line of the 20 most important dates in history of psychology. Lastly, my Government students have been creating a graphic organizer of the Amendments to prepare for Constitution day.

    • Emily Desgrange Art Teacher

      In Art 1, we are currently learning about the functions of the brain, and trying different exercises in order to increase our drawing skills. This is leading up to creating a self portrait drawing. In Art 2, we are are creating sculptures out of toothpicks. Students had to come up with their idea, state what it's about and why someone would be interested in looking at it before they began building their sculptures.  

    • Tony Gettler - Science

      This year promises to be very exciting year in Environmental Science class! We will be undertaking the nature trail that we have here on campus! With big plans in the works, the trail will surely be something that all of the buildings on campus will be excited to use! We plan on repairing the old bridges and handrails as well as install new ones. There will be interpretive signs and activities along the way as well. We will also be extending the trail into a loop - so you can start the trail and end it in the same place. The students seem to be very eager to get the project under way. Oh, did I mention, that the project will be almost entirely student driven? Yes, when folks come to visit our trail, rest assured that it is the students who planned, designed, and built the entire trail...kudos to the students!