Topic outline

    • High School Exams will be Monday May 11th & Tuesday May 12th.  

      The Intersession Term will run from Wed May 13th - Friday May 29th

      Monday May 11th - 2nd, 4th, and 6th period exams

      7:20 – 7:25 - 1st period attendance

      7:29 – 9:14 - 2nd period exam

      9:18 – 11:12 - 4th period exam

      11:16 – 11:46 5A lunch/advisory

      11:50 – 12:20 5B lunch/advisory

      12:24 – 2:19 - 6th period exam

      Tuesday, May 12th - 1st, 3rd, and 7th period exams

      7:20 – 9:14 - 1st period exam

      9:18 – 11:12 - 3rd period exam

      11:16 – 11:46 5A lunch/advisory

      11:50 – 12:20 5B lunch/advisory

      12:24 – 2:19 - 7th period exam

      High School Summer Reading requirements

  • Graduation Info

    May 11 & 12 Senior Exams (All HS takes exams these days)
    May 18 Laurel Oaks Ceremony 
    May 19 Scarlet Oaks Ceremony 
    May 20 Live Oaks Ceremony 
    May 22 Senior Awards: 8:00 AM in the HS Gymnasium
    May 28 Graduation Practice, Senior Picnic & Seniors Last Day
    Graduation practice: 10:00 AM in the HS Gymnasium. You must be at practice to participate in the Graduation Ceremony. Arrive by 9:30 AM to participate in practice. 
    May 29 Commencement: 7:30 PM Southern State Community College, 100 Hobart Dr., Hillsboro, OH
    6:15 PM Seniors report
    7:00 PM Seniors line up
    7:30 PM Commencement ceremony begins

  • Announcements

    • Our building scrolling announcements now ONLINE!  Click Here and select the Title with the date you want. 

    • Don't miss Conert by the Lake May 4th!

    • PROM is May 9th.... ticket information coming soon

    • CNE Rocket spirit wear is available in the high school office. Currently, sweatshirts, flannel bottoms, long sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts and lanyards are available. For more information, contact Mrs. Poe ,513.625.1211ext.110

  • What's Going On?

    • Tony Gettler - Science

      In the science department, we are looking forward to wrapping up the year on a strong note. The chemistry classes have been working on writing chemical reaction formulas, balancing equations, and doing a bunch of math. On the physics front, we are working on momentum and collisions and getting ready for circular motion. The environmental science classes have finished a video for the school's recycling program and are getting ready to finish the last bit of work on the nature trail for this school year...please come visit our trail!

    • Alaina Conti - English

      The year is quickly winding down for our CNE seniors! Students in English 12 are working to draft resumes and cover letters that will hopefully aid them in their job search and/or further education once they graduate later this month. Students will end the year by completing an annotated bibliography on a topic of their choice.

      The Jyst will be distributing our final issue of the school year on Friday, May 8. This will be our “Senior Issue,” and will recap and review the past four years of the seniors’ high school experiences. The Spring District Newsletter has been added to the school website, and covers important events happening in each building, and also provides important information about the CNE Educational Foundation.

      Many thanks to my students and the CNE staff for another great year!

    • Tim Friend - Math

      This week in Probability & Statistics we are creating scatterplots and interpreting the correlation coefficient, prediction equation, and extrapolating the data. Students looked up their own data in the lab to use for this project. We had a student study the effect of his own archery scores vs. time, another studied the correlation between the number of shots on goal for Ohio State Men's soccer vs. the number goals actually scored, and we also had a student study the number of drug overdoses in Ohio over time. Students will present their findings to the class summarizing their results.

      In Algebra II we are studying logarithms and natural logarithms along with their applications to the real world. We are looking at the effect that the number "e" has on financial applications and its impact on interest accrued over time. We also looked at how logarithms of base 10 are applied to the Richter scale measuring earthquake intensity, the pH scale, and the Scoville scale which measures the the heat of hot peppers.


    2015 YEARBOOK -  is with a new company that has some great new features

    • Follows a more social media concept to yearbooking. 
    • Saves you money! ONLY $38.50
    • Allows students to create 2 pages of their own for just their yearbook.
    • Allows students to upload photos and send a message with them to another student to put in their book. 

    What you have to do:

    These are OPTIONAL but provided free to students

    • Want to add photos, memories etc to personal pages ( Add memories )
    • Now you need to add personal pages ( Personal Pages ) - remember yourpersonal pages are only added to your book, not everyones. 


    • Senior Pictures DUE by Feburary 2nd.  It is best to have your photograph electronically sent to  You also need a vertical picture. 
    • Senior Ads  - you can still purchase a senior ad that would be in all of the yearbooks (not just a students personal page).  The options this year are 1/4 a page for $50.  You can supply up to 4 pictures and a paragraph. Or you can do 1/8 of a page with 2 pictures and a couple sentences for $30.  Otherwise you could use your students 2 free personal pages to do your own senior ad as a part of it- but again it will only be in your students book.   Bottom Line - In all books for all students to see either $50 or $30, OR in just your childs book you make it for free. 

    QUESTIONS?   Email