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    • The HS students recently attended a presentation about socail media, technology, and the affects and consequences of misuse. This is a link to the presenter and some information for parents.

    • Our building scrolling announcements now ONLINE!  Click Here and select the Title with the date you want. 

    • CNE Rocket spirit wear is available in the high school office. Currently, sweatshirts, flannel bottoms, long sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts and lanyards are available. For more information, contact Mrs. Poe ,513.625.1211ext.110

  • What's Going On?

    • Callie Donovan - Guidance Counselor

      Testing, Scholarships, and Scheduling - Oh My!

      • PARCC testing is next week for some students and then the sophomores will be taking OGT starting March 16th.
      • Senior Scholarship packages will be available for pick up Friday Feb 27th
      • Scheduling is under way for the 2015-2016 year. Students should have already had their parents sign their schedule form and I am meeting with each student to check their credits and talk with them about their choices.
      • Sophomores are applying to Great Oaks for Career Technical Programs. Students can apply online at
      • College Credit Plus Intent to Participate forms are due March 27th to the Guidance Office.  Students must apply to a partcipating college/university and request a transcript from the high school.
    • Bernadette Luebberst - Engish teacher

      AP English: This week the students are presenting their Rotary Four Way Test speeches to the class, and then they will present to a panel of teacher judges in order to determine which three students will go on to the district competition with the Batavia Rotary. The students have done an excellent job breaking down the Four Way Test and applying it to their topics. Soon we will be moving on to a poetry project and Macbeth!

      CP English 11: We are finishing up our unit on Contemporary American Literature with a poetry presentation. Now that we have covered the major elements of figurative language, the students will be able to show off their skills by "teaching" the class about a poem they chose from the remainder of the unit. Next quarter we will be moving away from the periods of literature into a research paper and Hamlet.

    • Matt Ritchey - Math/Science Teacher

      Physical Science: Students are currently working through a unit on properties of matter. They have completed labs regarding the density of various materials and the identification of different types of matter. Previously in January, we completed an Electricity unit. Students began by investigating static electricity in multiple forms. Students learned how to use Ohms law and calculate power, as we constructed circuits in parallel and series with computer simulations. This all lead up to a challenge involving Snap Circuits (a kit for constructing circuits). Students had to complete two teacher directed challenges involving LED lights and variable resistors in parallel and series. Finally, they created their own challenge for their peers to complete.

      Algebra 1: Students finished a unit on system of equations in January, where they solved systems with graphing, elimination, and substitution. Currently, Students are learning how to multiply various types of polynomials. This will lead into a few of chapters of factoring where we will end the year with graphing parabolas and exponential functions.

    • Joy Allmyer - English Teacher

      English 9 students just wrapped up the third quarter with their Greek mythology unit. In that unit they learned how to find book ​and internet sources, quote from those sources, and write a research paper. They have the PARCC test coming up March 10-13. Next we will begin our unit on the Holocaust in which we'll begin reading Night by Elie Wiesel.

    • Ms. Latham - English 10 Teacher

      As the third quarter is coming to a close, CP English 10 students are in full review to prepare for the upcoming OGT assessments. English 10 students have been working on drafting outlines to organize their ideas prior to writing a response to extended responses, or essay style questions. Classes also discussed and practiced providing analysis and commentary into writing to ensure adequate evidence is provided within a written response. In class, we have examined rubrics and sample responses to prepare for the OGT writing assessment. Currently, CP English 10 students are reviewing poems and utilizing the SOAPSTone strategy to analyze poetry in greater detail. We are discussing figurative and literal meanings of poems and will be examining real-world applications in terms of how our life is influenced by poetry today. During the week of OGTs, students will be viewing To Kill a Mockingbird and examining the plot-line of that literary classic. As fourth quarter opens, students will examine the Salem Witch Trials as we prepare to read The Crucible. This unit will be filled with acting out scenes, making historical connections, and creative projects. I look forward to an exciting conclusion to this school year with this sophomore class!


    2015 YEARBOOK -  is with a new company that has some great new features

    • Follows a more social media concept to yearbooking. 
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    • Allows students to create 2 pages of their own for just their yearbook.
    • Allows students to upload photos and send a message with them to another student to put in their book. 

    What you have to do:

    These are OPTIONAL but provided free to students

    • Want to add photos, memories etc to personal pages ( Add memories )
    • Now you need to add personal pages ( Personal Pages ) - remember yourpersonal pages are only added to your book, not everyones. 


    • Senior Pictures DUE by Feburary 2nd.  It is best to have your photograph electronically sent to  You also need a vertical picture. 
    • Senior Ads  - you can still purchase a senior ad that would be in all of the yearbooks (not just a students personal page).  The options this year are 1/4 a page for $50.  You can supply up to 4 pictures and a paragraph. Or you can do 1/8 of a page with 2 pictures and a couple sentences for $30.  Otherwise you could use your students 2 free personal pages to do your own senior ad as a part of it- but again it will only be in your students book.   Bottom Line - In all books for all students to see either $50 or $30, OR in just your childs book you make it for free. 

    QUESTIONS?   Email